5 Useful Apps for Truckers in the UK

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1. Trucker Timer
Trucker Timer is the only application designed to help truck drivers in the UK to track their driving hours and avoid fatigue violations. You can save yourself a fine and maximise your driving hours, and earning, using the apps’ advanced tachograph and driving log.


2. Truckstop UK
Using the mapping and GPS features of the iPhone, Truckstop aims to help drivers and freight transport operators plan their journeys, rest and park safe. The app makes it easier for drivers to take regular rests knowing they are safe and that their vehicle and loads are secure.
Details for each Truck Stop on the app include
• Name, address and post code
• Telephone number (including one touch calling)
• Opening times
• Number of parking bay (both day and night)
• Availability of facilities


3. Navtruck
Navtruck is the first GPS navigation application specifically for HGVs. Unlike consumer navigation apps, NavTruck takes into account truck-restricted and prohibited roads to provide drivers safe and reliable navigation on truck-legal roads. It automatically calculates routes based on your vehicle size, weight, width and load type to avoid commercial truck restrictions. It also has voice guidance designed for IPhones.


4. Voice Text Pro:
Accident statistics show that texting and driving absolutely do not mix. Voice Text Pro allows the user to speak into their phone so the words can be converted into text, all while keeping your eyes and attention fixed on the road.


5. HGV Parking
HGV Parking HGVparking.com allows drivers easy access to over 800 lorry parking locations at their fingertips. It lets drivers see what locations are near them at any time or search areas further afield. Drivers can easily switch between the six different categories of parking area which are unique to HGVparking.com.



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