Milestone’s Branding is Changing …

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Capture Milestones Branding is Changing ...
You may have noticed that Milestone’s logo looks a little different than usual! As we grow and adapt so should our branding.

It’s all about change at Milestone with new branding to cement our vision of Milestone as a focussed operational powerhouse!

This efficient no nonsense approach is reflected in the branding’s sleek and modern style that will stay with us as we continue to grow.

We have grown up and are embracing a simpler representation of our core service i.e drivers!  Our most valued resource.

The locator symbol represents the logistics industry while the man in the centre of the icon represents the drivers at the heart of Milestone. The blue and green colours still signify sky and land but the more muted tones contribute to a more mature and polished look.


Milestone Icon Milestones Branding is Changing ...


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