Job Application Tips from Milestone Operations

The job hunt can seem daunting and arduous at times, no matter how determined you are. But if you prepare yourself and know the tricks, you will have a much more relaxed search, and increased chances of success. Follow our tips to release some of the stress and feel more confident when filling in job applications, preparing for interviews, and negotiating your next career move. Continue reading

How LinkedIn can increase your chances of securing a new job

LinkedIn is becoming increasingly popular as the place to find employees who can add value to companies, as it is utilised by more than 200 million people, including company owners, Directors, Executives and Managers. LinkedIn is the ideal place to make contact and network with like-minded professionals and can often hold a wealth of opportunities that you never knew existed.  This can not only help you to get up the next rung of the career ladder but can also kick start a brand new employment opportunity.Linkedin Job Search 300x153 How LinkedIn can increase your chances of securing a new job

  Continue reading

Staying Healthy on the Road Pt. 2

Our previous blog on staying healthy on the road focused on diet – what you eat and drink, but being healthy is not just about food…

General Health

Sleep is essential for good energy levels throughout the day; the last thing you want is to meditation 217x300 Staying Healthy on the Road Pt. 2be tired when you’re on the road. Poor quality sleep or not enough will lead to tiredness throughout the day. Aim for 8 hours a night – research indicates the body’s natural healing process begins after 6 hours. Continue reading

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