Do I have to have a C.V?

Yes! An up-to-date and relevant C.V. is your chance to prove to potential employers that you are serious about the jobs they are offering. A C.V. is a one-stop-shop to show off your skills, from experience to qualifications, to what is special about you.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that all it takes to land your next job is a good CV, though. Recruiters also consider your cover letter, too. Make sure that you make the best first impression by thinking about:

  • the email address you use for work: create an account that is rather than risk making a terrible impression because your message reads “from"

  • what you put in the subject line of an email: don’t just put ‘hello’ or ‘job’, reference which job or position you are applying for to make it easier for a company to find your email out of many others

  • Attachments: don’t forget to attach your C.V., and take enough care to make sure you attach the correct document to any email you send too. You also need it in a universally accepted format- normally a pdf or ‘Word’ document.

  • Content: don’t write a novel introducing yourself, but do craft a few paragraphs highlighting what skills you have that are directly relevant to the job and company you are applying to, paying particular attention to the type of driving licence you have and how much experience you’ve got under your belt. Don’t lie- you’ll only get found out!

  • Spelling: have a friend or family member proofread your application. We all make spelling errors from time-to-time, but mistakes can reflect poorly on you if it seems like you’ve made careless errors- it can seem like you don’t really care about the job.