What is a HGV Medical?

Undergoing a medical check with your doctor is a legal requirement when applying for your HGV licence. Your doctor needs to fill out a D4 form for you, also called a ‘Medical Examination Report’. You’ll need to pay for this- it’s usually no more than £100.

Your doctor will take a urine sample, explore your medical history for things like seizures, diabetes, heart problems and alcohol or drug use, and talk to you about excessive sleepiness or tiredness and driving. They will also:

  • Weigh you
  • Ask you about your smoking habits
  • Check your eyesight
  • Check your blood pressure


You might find it useful to look at the government’s guidelines at www.direct.gov.uk/driverhealth and to read through a copy of the D4 form so that you know exactly what your doctor will be looking for and to prepare any questions that might crop up.