What is it like to be a truck driver?

Trucking is unlike any other profession. It isn’t for everybody, but for the most part those who enjoy it tend to love it.

No two days will ever be the same. You’ll be your own boss, out on the road and doing things your own way by managing your own day. You can design your own rota, too, deciding if you prefer night driving or day, or if you want to work weekends.

Of course, like with any job, there are some downsides too.

It can be hard to plan ahead for important dates, and you’ll unavoidably be away from your family for a few days at a time if you are a tramper driver. It can be harder to look after yourself when you’re out on the road- maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise can be a challenge.

Some truckers report feelings of isolation or loneliness out on the road- but that’s why we’ve built the Milestone community, so that you can be a part of something bigger when you choose to work with us. Happier drivers mean happier clients, so we understand how important it is to create an environment for you that is professional, rewarding, and fun.