getting you paid

Milestone has partnered with NumberMill to provide you with their tailored umbrella service. NumberMill’s PAYE Umbrella service is designed to allow all Milestone temps to optimise their income compliantly.

NumberMill allows you to increase your weekly take home pay and benefit by enabling you to offset any expenses that you incur (wholly and exclusively in the performance of your business duties). This means that you gain tax relief on these expenses, increasing your take home pay. In addition to this you also still benefit from all the traditional employment rights associated with being an agency contractor, in the knowledge that all your tax affairs are dealt with in the usual PAYE method.

Understanding your payslip

Understanding your payslip and the calculation is not always easy, NumberMill makes the process simple with our 'Guide to understanding your payslip', alternatively call 0333 121 2001 and speak to one of the team.

How to submit your expenses

Claiming expenses is simple and straightforward, all you have to do is submit your expenses to NumberMill in one of the following methods:


Login Here

This is the quickest way to submit your expenses, instead of posting your receipts; you can take a picture of them and upload them directly to the online portal. You can even do this directly from your smartphone or tablet.

It is a simple process; however NumberMill’s guide to submitting expenses online will help if you need it.

By Fax:

0333 121 2002

By Post:

The Mill House, Cardinal Point, Park Road, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire WD3 1RE

If you would prefer to complete the expenses form by hand, you can either fax or post these back along with your receipts.

If you are unable to access the NumberMill Portal or require printed Expense Claim Forms, please contact NumberMill on 0333 121 2001 or email and they will be happy to post a supply directly to you.

If you are unsure of the expenses you maybe entitled to, NumberMill’s Expenses Policy will provide a break down of the expenses they allow.

How to claim your holiday

If you wish to book holiday, either complete a NumberMill Holiday Request form and return it to, or alternatively call 0333 121 2001 and speak to one of the team.