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Smile Miles

We believe that our drivers make up the core of our business. If we can make sure that you are happy and productive then we’re pretty sure that our Clients will be happy too. That’s why we’re in the process of launching our Smile Miles Rewards Scheme. We think that this is an industry first.

It’s pretty simple really. When you perform well at work, we award you with “miles.” These miles can be earned for simply being a good driver- such as showing up to a shift on time, completing a shift without incident or agreeing to work a shift at short notice. The number of miles earned depends on what you’ve done. You can then bank these “miles” for rewards. Our rewards range from things that you might need for work (a hi-vis parka or money for training), to treats for the wife (vouchers for a romantic meal for two) or an excuse for a night out (tickets to the game or a concert).

We hope that this means you remain loyal and happy, eager to help us when we really need it – like going the extra mile at Christmas time.

We are currently finalising all the little details of our Smile Miles Rewards Scheme, so please watch this space for more information! In the mean time, if you have any questions or suggestions of rewards that you’d like to see us offer, email

Smile Miles