The Avon Lodge

Address & Telephone number : Third way, Avonmouth, Bristol. BS11 9YP . (0117) 9827706. 

Directions : From M5 J18 head towards Avonmouth. Follow signs for 'trading est' and 'lorry park' 

Parking : 60 

Cost : £12 per night (inc MV). 

Cafe : Mon-Thurs 06:30-20:00 Fri 06:30-19:30 

Shop : Yes 

Toilets : Male and female 

Showers : Male and female 

Security : Floodlights, Security barrier, security fence, CCTV, security patrols. 

Other services : Bar, lounge, TV, Beds (from £15), lorry wash, refridgerated loads area.

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