AWJ Penrith Truckstop

Address & Telephone : Penrith Industrial Estate, Penrith, CA11 9EH. (01768) 866995. 

Directions : From M6 J40 follow signs for the truckstop. 

Parking : 150 

Cost : £16 (inc. £3 Meal/Bar Voucher and Shower) for stays between 3-24hrs, up to 3 hours free during day. 

Fuel: Forecourt is open 24/7, does not take cash payments.

Restaurant: Mon 06:00 then 24 hours until Sat 12:00. Facilities include Free Wi-Fi, a television, and computers.

Shop : Yes 

Toilets : Male and female 

Showers : Male and female 

Security : Floodlights, security barrier, security fence, CCTV, security patrols. 

Other services : Bar, pool table, beds (from £22), TV, cash machine, telephones, trailer change-over area (cost negotiable), refrigerated loads area, hazardous loads area. 

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